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About Us

Our team is working on reconnecting to our ancestors and celebrating Art, Culture, and Theater for the Afro-Latino/a/e community.  

Our Story

After years of no spaces that celebrate the rich diverse and intersecting Afro-Latinx identities the Afro Caribbean Cultural center celebrates the Black, Spanish, Taino identities that connect and bind individuals in the Greater Waterbury Community.  Founded in early 2021 the Afro Caribbean Cultural center exists to be a catalyst for that change through Art, Culture, Dance, Food and Special events.  

Meet The Team


Ana Iturbides

Board Member

Ronae Mason Craig.jpg

Ronae Mason Craig

Board Member


Angelique Kuang

Board Member

Margret Heyward Bowen.jpg

Margret Heyward Bowen

Board Member

Our Partners

The following organizations and the Center have a signed MOU for collaboration & partnership

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Mattauck Museum.png
Silas Bronson Library.png
Arts & Culture Collaborative.png
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