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ACCC Founded by Nelson Rafael Roman

Learn more about him below; 

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Born in Waterbury, CT USA, 1987

Kennedy High School, Springfield Technical Community College & Goddard College

NELSON RAFAEL FELICIANO-ROMAN  (Rafi) is an IFA / Yoruba Priest and has been deep in spiritual work and practice for over fifteen years.  Rafael is a community activist and organizer, formerly homeless, and HIV+ advocate.  He has held elected office and is a trained Circle keeper. Winner of the Jose Julio Sarria Civil Rights, Audre Lorde Founder’s and Coqui Awards.  


Rafi is working to dismantle and decolonize himself and the world. Rafael has a podcast titled “Pozitivamente Yo,” on all podcast listening channels. ​

Rafi is a proud Waterbury Resident raised in the Brookly Section of Town. 

For more or to book Rafi visit  

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