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Nuestras Abuelas de Waterbury: Empowerment and Legacy
June 16, 2022, Rafael Feliciano-Roman

Sunday, September 10, 2023 - Sunday, October 15, 2023 - Mattatuck Museum Hours 

Nuestras Abuelas


The Afro Caribbean Cultural Center and Mattatuck Museum are collaborating to bring a photography and bi-lingual text exhibition Nuestras Abuelas to the City of Waterbury.   Nuestras Abuelas de Waterbury: Empowerment and Legacy curated by Nelson Rafael Roman, under the mentorship and guidance of a Mattatuck Museum Board of Director and renowned curator/historian Ben Ortiz. This exhibition will narrate stories of women in general, and Latinas in particular drawing attention to concepts of family, challenges faced by grandmothers raising their families, gender expectations, and the connections between grandmothers and their adult grandchildren who reside in Waterbury.


Nelson Rafael who participated and was a community organizer for Nuestra Abuelas in Holyoke Massachusetts saw the transformative power of an exhibit that celebrated Latina women and their contributions to the local community.  Roman describes his work, “After experiencing the transformative exhibition as a participant organizer in Massachusetts working with the women who created this movement and getting their blessing to bring this to my hometown fills me up.  My grandmother who is still living was the poster child for the event I helped organize/lead I look forward to passing the torch and honoring other Abuelitas in Waterbury.”

Nuestras Abuelas – Our Grandmothers is funded in part by the CT Office of the Arts, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 


The exhibit will run from September 10, 2023 (Grandparents Day) through October 15, 2023. (All throughout Hispanic Heritage Month). Gallery viewing hours are open at the same time the Mattatuck Museum is open with Free community entry days on special days of the week.




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