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Restorative Justice Circle Process

About the Afro Caribbean Cultural Center

MISSION: The Afro Caribbean Cultural Center (ACCC) is a vibrant home for Caribbean Taino and afro-descendent cultures, in Connecticut.  Our Center without walls philosophy means we will perform our work in spaces (art and cultural institutions) that already exist.  

A multi-disciplinary center, ACCC integrates the arts, education, activism, and conscious cultural tourism to foster social transformation. We document and present the creative genius of African Diaspora cultures; prepare the next generation of cultural leaders; and unite Diaspora communities.

ACCC carries out its mission through public art exhibitions, performances, educational programs, workshops, conferences, and international exchanges. Our goal is focused on reaching the Afro-Latinx diaspora of the region/state. 

VISION: We envision a world in which the rich legacy of diverse Taino and African cultures are valued and embraced as an integral part of world cultures.  We actively work to create a world in which Taino/ afro-descendent people:

  • Have access to culturally relevant arts education, and cultural activities. 

  • Are guaranteed equal rights and opportunities to make a sustainable living for themselves and their families.

  • Live in communities that are safe, healthy, beautiful, and vibrant.

  • Leverage their cultural traditions as a source of wisdom, power, pride, healing, and thriving.

  • Understand and engage with the global diversity of Taino/Black cultural expressions.

  • Use our creativity to empower our people as artists, thinkers, and leaders within our homes, schools, and communities - and in our major cultural institutions that present our contributions to humanity.


We envision a community that values and embodies the contributions of all and promotes cultural equity for communities of color through public policies and resource distribution.

Our Goals


Promote Afro-Caribbean culture through the arts

Art Entreprenuer

Create opportunities for Afro-Caribbean artists

Taino Langugage

Provide educational programs to the community

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