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The Laton Taíno Nation’s Founding Declaration and Articles of Confederation, 4 of January 2022

We the Taíno People, determined to secure the blessings bestowed upon us by the Creator, with respect for our Mother Earth, each other, our elders and ancestors, affirming and safeguarding our indigenous cultural heritage and spiritual traditions, and in dedication to our children and future generations, do hereby acknowledge and accept on this 4th day of January, two thousand and twenty two (2022), this Declaration with its articles being established by the people unified and hereby constituting the Laton Taíno Nation (La Nación Taíno Laton):

Article 1: The Laton of Taíno Nation, here and after referred to as the Laton Taíno Nation, endeavors to unite and enlist Taíno individuals, organizations, groups, and societies devoted to protect, defend, and preserve the Taíno cultural heritage and spiritual tradition throughout the Laton (Greater Waterbury, CT), and the State of Connecticut. Taíno cultural heritage and spiritual tradition includes but is not limited to the protection and maintenance of our ancestral remains, sacred sites, artifacts, and religious practices which involve the use of ceremonial objects such as sacred plants and various feathers indigenous to the Circum- Caribbean regions, which shall include the Greater and Lesser Antilles, the Bahamas, Bimini (Florida), the Northern Coastal area of South America, and the Yucatan Peninsula.


Article 2: The Taíno Nation diligently endeavors to encourage friendships, foster alliances, and maintain communications and good relationships among Taíno yucayeque (communities), organizations, groups, and societies, in particular those divided by international borders.


Article 3: The Taíno Nation will endeavor to promote spiritual, cultural, educational, economic, and social activities for the development of contemporary Taíno communities and our future generations.


Article 4: The Taíno Nation will encourage and support a central, ethnic Taíno registration mechanism, recognized by each regional territory that will strengthen the understanding between all regional territories or jurisdictions and their leadership.
Article 5: Issues of concern to the Taíno People requiring concerted action will be resolved in consultation with the Taíno Nation.


Article 6: The Taíno Nation recognizes and respects the autonomy of each member organization, group, or society practicing the principles and values left by our ancestors from time immemorial and that have been established and accepted by the Taíno Nation. The Taíno Nation through a majority consensus of its membership will expect accountability of any Taíno yucayeque, organization, group, society or leaders attempting to create disharmony amongst Taíno People, abuse their leadership positions, engage in false statements and/or creating the confusion that they represent the sole leadership of the Taíno People or this Taíno Nation.


Article 7: This Declaration shall be transmitted by the Laton Taíno Nation other Taíno People nations for collaboration, respect, reciprocity, and recognition.


Article 8: The Taíno Nation shall promote respect for and full application of the provisions of this Declaration on the local, national, and international levels.
We, the undersigned agree to respect and uphold this Declaration and to uphold the provisions of its articles. We proceed with the understanding that violation of the Declaration is an act against the natural laws of peace among the unified Taíno People and other Nations who are represented by and constitute the Laton Taíno Nation. .


Note: Participation in the International Taíno Population Census and Inter-Tribal Enrollment Registry of the Laton Taíno Nation (MTN) affirms individual support for the 2022 Founding Declaration of the Laton Taíno Nation.

Rules of the Community will be given to members upon completion of membership application and acceptance into the community. 

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